About the Author

Hello friend, and thank you for visiting my page. You have been directed to this page because for some unfathomable reason you would like to know more about me, Dave Dunmire. Just remember-you asked for it!

Dave Dunmire posing with a cannon in Manassas, Virginia.

Dave Dunmire posing with a cannon in Manassas, Virginia.

In short, I believe you are defined by who you are more so than what you do, and as such I don’t describe myself solely as a writer. I am a Christian father of four who happens to love to write. That being said, I haven’t yet found a way to pay the bills changing diapers and telling bedtime stories. So chances are you didn’t come to this page because you heard I cook a mean Saturday breakfast (though I do) but instead because in one form or another you have heard about my writing hobby.

Truth is I am just launching my freelance writing career, but I have been writing in one form or another for many years. I truly love to do it, and you have hopefully seen that from my blog posts. If not, hang around for a bit and if I am doing what I aimed to do in launching this blog you will soon be made painfully aware of my writing passion.

Aside from faith and family, writing shares its place in my list of passions with only one other thing-history. I am a self proclaimed history nut. To the sheer horror of those who have endured long discussions with me regarding the American Civil War, I have begun the framing of a historical fiction series based in that time period. I suppose ‘discussion’ is not the word they would use to describe these events, more an ear battering I reckon. At any rate, that is where my energies are going when not working for clients or enjoying time with the family.



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