Couple years, couple hundred changes

Wow. Here I sit on a once-forgotten blog doing something I swore to myself I’d do years ago. Turns out I lied. I made excuses. I allowed life to move right on past me, and in hindsight I can thank God for it. I attempted to begin a writing career two plus years ago, and one event after another derailed that dream. I realize now that I wasn’t ready then. I had the desire to be a writer then, sure, but not the determination to make it happen. I had subscribed to bad advice and had not educated myself properly.

Photo taken by the author while vacationing with family in the Outer Banks.

Photo taken by the author while vacationing with family in the Outer Banks.

Now after conversations with those that are living the life, and some who have done so longer than I have drawn breath, I understand just what is required of me. I have stared it in the face and I am ready to rise to the challenge. In April of 2013 I killed a dream before it ever began, leaving my hopes to write full-time along the road of discarded hope.

But now it is January of 2015 and I sit at my desk having just typed nearly 6000 words of my novella, plotted the biographies of characters for three different series of short stories I am writing, and doing the framing and outlining of two of those stories to be typed in earnest Monday morning. In other words doing it and not just planning it or talking about it.

This blog fell into disrepair right along with my dream to write. Tonight however I sharpened the sickle and cleared the overgrowth away. I have decided to go at this thing again, with new insight into myself and where God has brought me in my life. If you are seeing this post after reading similar words years ago, I have two things to say to you. First of all, thanks for sticking around. Second, and at least as important, I’m not going anywhere this time. In a future post I will lay out my goals, sharing a look at a “day in the life” so to speak. And I’ll ask anyone reading this to keep me on task, hold me accountable to those goals.

I’m back, and I am ready to give this a real effort, a full-blown do or die attempt.Not calling myself a writer because I like to write “when the muse hits me”, but hitting the keys and calling myself a writer because in spite of the distractions of life I write!


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