Caught in the whirlwind

Dearest readers, it seems I have come to a tragedy of sorts in my own limited intellect. It would seem that my poor finite mind is incapable of handling the supposedly simple topic of classifying a fiction by genre. As I lay the frameworks for my short story challenge I have increasingly come to this topic, and each time I delve into the researching of genre I walk away more confused than when I started.

Photo taken while walking (noticing a theme?)

Photo taken while walking (noticing a theme?)

Take, for example, a zombie fiction I wrote for a friend as an anniversary present. Please hold the comments, they are a “unique” couple. Anyway the question of genre came up during the writing, as the zombies were intentionally created by a scientific experiment (sci-fi), but were released by a corrupt corporation to remove the competitor from a tight market(conspiracy). The story followed an individual who strives to survive the undead attack and get to the bottom of the infection, thus almost a detective tale.

I have heard it said within the world of short and flash fiction that genre needs to be targeted carefully when sending a work for publication. So in the above example, do you brand it as each respective genre when contacting individual publishers, or do you choose a genre and focus on it?

When I allow these questions to come to the forefront while writing it dampers my creativity in a way. When I try to define a work by genre as I write, I feel more restricted by the protocol of that genre. I know I could just write the story and define its genre later, but my mind functions in the details.

I would love some insight from blog followers on this topic, as the genre whirlwind is admittedly frustrating me.


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