Taking the next step

I announced the launch of my Civil War blog in a recent post, but as I am working a fair deal on Civil War research and covering sesquicentennial events this year I have decided to register it as it’s own domain and expand the blog into a full website. Anyone following the old blog, I’d ask you to migrate over to the new site. I have a lot more control of the way I display things there, as well as having better access to site building tools.

English: Bratislava; New Year 2005; FireWorks

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am also very excited to see the growth of this blog, and I am humbled that you all are taking the time to keep up with my progress here. I want to be practical and helpful to all of you, and I have decided to begin preparations for the launch of a blog series to begin next week. In the series I will examine different aspects of writing, highlight some websites that I find useful for writers, and share my insights.


I look forward to beginning my short story challenge in the coming week as well, and during the course of it I will be sharing some tools I am using to streamline my writing process. To wrap up this post in a nutshell, I will be adding a huge amount of content over the next couple of weeks, as well as changing my posting format from once a day to an as needed basis to accommodate the new additions.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those that are following, commenting, and sharing my blogs. I have enjoyed looking at your work as well, and I look forward to seeing your projects progress.






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