Moving right along

Today I’d like to begin with a bit of a confession. My name is Dave Dunmire, and I’m a writing addict. I seem to be taking on more projects with each passing day, and loving each day a little more. I thought I might take it easy for a while before getting on with my plans. Then one little conversation with another writer and here I go again! How cool is it that God has granted me both the desire to write and the means to have the time for it?

Photo taken by the author while vacationing with family in the Outer Banks.

Photo taken by the author while vacationing with family in the Outer Banks.

Fueling the fire

After speaking to a friend just the other day and encouraging her to swallow her inhibitions and begin to write a novel she has always dreamed of writing, I began thinking a bit more about my own writing goals. I have already mentioned that I am in the process of writing a novel, although being that I want it to be historically accurate it requires a fair deal of research. In the process of encouraging my friend I stumbled upon this blog post from The Editor’s Blog that really drove a point home for me. The author of the post states:

No other human can feel the emotions swirling around your characters or feel emotion on behalf of those characters unless you put those characters on the page.

With that thought fresh in my mind I began thinking of all the ideas and snippets of characters and their lives that daily run around in the vast expanse between my ears. I really became aware of the daunting task of trying to fit it all in to a novel or two, as well as the time and energy of trying to make them all mesh. There seemed to be too many thoughts branching in too many directions to ever mesh into a coherent story.

Books to be returned...

Photo credit: Hash Milhan

The Eureka moment

After my initial dismay brought on by the now hypocritical advice I had given a friend, I realized that I wasn’t in dire straits after all. Indeed I had been given another project, a release for several years worth of pent-up frustrations. The answered seemed so simple, why had I never thought of it before? The revelation that made my night caught me off guard. Take all the singular ideas across the wide spectrum, flesh them out, and compile a broad range of short stories. How simple, yet how profound it seemed to me at the time.

So as I amble down the road of becoming a full-time writer and fill the time between visits to Civil War events this year I have undertaken a challenge. My goal is now to try to write one marketable short story every week, beginning the first week of April. In the time leading up to the beginning of my journey I will be developing the variety of characters and settings, as well as researching publishing and marketing options.

I have to admit, I didn’t foresee this road when I discussed the desire to write for a living with my wife just a few short weeks ago, but I thank God for the direction He seems to be bringing me and my future.


3 thoughts on “Moving right along

  1. Good luck on your journey I am a writing nut as well and have too many stories in my head. This year I am going to actually finish one and I love your idea to stretch your craft by writing short stories….I might try that too one short story every week is challenging, yet I could see how it could create great content as well. Thanks enjoyed the read

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